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Influencer backing. Christine Wzorek -  2019 'Disruptor of the Year' award recipient, Forbes HR Council contributing member,  most recently appointed to the National Cooperative Rx Board of Directors.

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White Label Advisors provides sophisticated CHRO outsourcing solutions to all company sizes and maturity levels.
With strategic direction and revenue-minded results, companies can leverage their HR activities, departments, and personnel.
Designed for Customization.


Guide: < 50 Employees

Let's get strategic in designing your recruiting efforts, job descriptions & offer letters by linking to longterm employee engagement/performance.


Guide: < 100 Employees


Guide: 150+ Employees

Let's take it up a notch and beat your competition through HCM software selection/architecture, benefit strategy, training and development for leaders, preparing for organizational growth, Hi-Po/succession planning.

Let's go next-level  by identifying

latent potential nested in:

 compensation & benefits,

linking pay to profitability

org. chart efficiencies, employee wellbeing  and AI considerations.

Disruptor of the Year 2019

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Rob Lau, Former Employee

  I had the privilege of sitting in on Christine’s inclusion training when we worked together. After going through the training, in a private conversation with Christine, I learned the true purpose of this training was to address/replace the traditional Sexual Harassment training that most of us in corporate America have been a part of. As I stopped to reflect it made total sense; however, at the time of the training “Sexual Harassment” was the furthest thing from my mind.


Instead of the usual awkward silence that tends to be pervasive in Sexual Harassment training, Christine’s inclusion training was full of sincere conversation, real feelings, and lots of participation. Small breakout sessions, group sharing, in a non-hostile environment lead to instead of the usual awkward silence Ilively discussion that I believe ultimately led the group to better results than any traditional Sexual Harassment training would have.  


Traditional sexual harassment training is generally scary. It focuses on the 'Do-Not's'. Christine's inclusion training proactively focuses on how employees can engage with and respect one another, even/especially employees with a different background and belief system.

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