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WLA: Park City Retreat Break-Out Session

In the month of June, White Label Advisors had the privilege of hosting our highly anticipated annual retreat at Park City, Utah. This exciting event was filled with a multitude of engaging training activities, topped off with a remarkably productive breakout session. The primary objective of this session was to dive into three pivotal topics that hold immense importance for the overall growth and success of our company. To ensure a comprehensive exploration of these areas, our team was divided into three distinct breakout groups.

Group 1: Focused on improving our communication strategies, particularly regarding HR. They aimed to streamline and quantify our CEO Christine's thoughts. To achieve this, they suggested making the most of WiLA, our internal platform. Their plan involved conducting training sessions, creating helpful resources, and establishing a comprehensive board with step-by-step instructions. They also recommended using automotive services for transcribing Christine's ideas and training materials to ensure effective communication throughout the organization.

Group 2: Worked towards enhancing our company's messaging, both internally and externally. Internally, they emphasized the importance of simplicity and conciseness in our communication within the organization. They proposed conducting training sessions during the initial months to equip our team members with the skills to tailor their communication effectively to meet our client's needs. Externally, the group highlighted the significance of consistent values, emphasizing our role as advisors guiding our clients. They recognized the uniqueness of each business and emphasized our human-based approach, aiming to maximize client benefits and facilitate cost savings.

Group 3 engaged in a discussion about the importance of investing in the right talent for cost savings. They stressed the need for strategic recruitment, ensuring that individuals with skills and expertise aligned with our organizational goals join our team. By prioritizing talent acquisition, they believed we could tap into potential cost-saving opportunities while maintaining the highest level of performance within our team.

The breakout session proved to be a fruitful endeavor, enabling us to address critical areas for improvement. The ideas and suggestions put forth by each group provide valuable insights for our future growth and success. By enhancing communication, refining our messaging, and investing in the right talent, we are well-positioned to achieve our goals and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

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