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Team Spotlight - Elle Stallings, Media Manager

Meet Elle Stallings, our remarkable Media Manager at White Label Advisors! Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Elle's journey led her to Utah, where she now resides and thrives. With over 15 years of experience in social media marketing and digital brand engagement, Elle is a true trailblazer at the intersection of style, design, and digital presentation.

Elle brings a holistic marketing approach and a deep passion for authenticity to our team. She excels when collaborating with colleagues to turn ideas into reality, weaving vision into every project. Elle firmly believes that meaningful and engaging content is the key to genuine brand growth and cultivating customer loyalty in a crowded digital landscape.

In her time at White Label Advisors, Elle enjoys working

with the WLA team and learning from their diverse expertise and experiences. This collaborative environment has enriched her own skillset and fueled her creative spirit.

Elle combines her international style and expertise to refine brand messaging and accelerate traction through her custom-branded content. Her sought-after skills now shine at White Label Advisors, where she works her magic.

Elle and her husband, along with their four kids, split their time between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles, where they savor the outdoor beauty through trails and hiking. Elle's journey is a testament to her global perspective, and we're excited to see the innovative and impactful work she'll continue to produce with our team.

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