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Talent Acquisition - How Midsize Firms Can Attract — and Retain — Talent Right Now

Harvard Business Review recently published an article addressing the "Great Resignation," which is impacting middle-market companies, making it challenging to attract and retain talented employees. Surveys show that middle-market CFOs and CHROs view talent retention as their top challenge, even more, critical than supply-chain disruptions or costs. Many of these companies lack the tools and resources needed to address the issue effectively.

To overcome this talent crisis and save costs, there are effective strategies to implement:

1. Identify the Talent Gap: Start by understanding the specific talent you're lacking. Pinpoint the roles or skills that are in high demand within your organization.

2. Improve the Recruiting Process: Revamp your job ads and descriptions to showcase the benefits of working for your company. Utilize modern recruiting techniques and technology to reach a broader pool of candidates.

3. Foster Retention Strategies: Prioritize employee development, offer clear career paths, and create an inclusive culture. Competitive compensation packages can also help retain valuable talent.

By implementing these strategies, middle-market businesses can build a strong and resilient workforce, successfully navigating the current talent market challenges.

If your organization is seeking guidance and support to navigate the complexities of talent acquisition, turn to White Label Advisors. Our team of human capital strategists is dedicated to providing tailored solutions and strategies to help you succeed. Schedule a consultation with us!

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