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ACG Utah Women's Professional Network Lunch - a Success!


The first ACG Utah Women's Professional Network (WPN) lunch, held on November 9th, was a triumph, surpassing expectations and laying a strong foundation for future events. The luncheon, hosted at the IMA Offices Downtown Salt Lake City and catered by the Savory Fund, provided Utah's professional women with a premier networking opportunity, emphasizing connections, collaboration, and engagement in the business world.

Christine Wzorek (WLA), Regan Guth (IMA) & Matt Dent (KeyBank)

The event unfolded with Matt Dent, President of ACG Utah, expressing his excitement and gratitude for the amazing turnout. He recognized the leadership and talent in the room and acknowledged Christine, the Chair of WPN and CEO of White Label Advisors, for her pivotal role in making the event a reality.

Christine's opening message conveyed the mission of WPN, emphasizing its role in elevating women crucial to driving business growth in Utah. The network aims to provide a collaborative community for women to engage, mentor, and

transact with each other. Special thanks were extended to Kevin Hyer for his vision, IMA for providing the space, Matt Dent for his leadership, and Meaghan Miller Gitlin for her meticulous planning.

Regrettably, the anticipated keynote speaker, Shauna Smith, CEO of Savory Restaurant Fund, was unable to attend due to illness. Nevertheless, Christine seamlessly stepped into the spotlight, highlighting Shauna's career professionalism as a woman in business.

WPN Kick-Off Lunch at IMA Offices - Salt Lake City

The Message:

Positivity Breeds Success

Christine shared insights into Shauna Smith's leadership style, praising her positive outlook and unwavering work ethic. Despite facing challenges during the pandemic, Shauna and her team at Savory stood resilient with a focus on positivity. Christine recalled an ACG June Breakfast event where Shauna and Andrew discussed navigating through the complexities of the COVID-19 pandemic. The key takeaway was the emphasis on maintaining a positive mindset, with a focus on finding solutions for each challenge. This mindset not only helped them weather challenges but also led to innovative solutions, proving that positivity breeds success.

Shauna's ability to inspire others through her grace, friendliness, and relentless work ethic left a lasting impact on Christine and the audience. Christine spoke about Shauna's positivity-breeding success mindset and how it served as an inspiration for all attendees in building their careers and supporting each other's growth.

In the challenging world of restaurant management, Shauna's leadership shines as a beacon of positivity, guiding her team through obstacles with a unique perspective. Her commitment to a positive outlook has not only sustained her success but has also inspired others on their professional journeys.

Shauna's success stems from her unwavering commitment to maintaining a positive mindset, even in uncertainty. This mentality is a powerful tool for all of us as we build careers, support each other, and grow businesses.

Shauna's remarkable work ethic is evident, pushing through illness and forgoing time off to emphasize that success comes from dedication and effort. Shauna is a true inspiration, embodying the White Label's philosophy that hard work and effort pays off.

In sharing Shauna's story, our hope is that her journey resonates with you. Let us draw inspiration from her positivity and dedication as we navigate our paths and contribute to our own success stories, much like this one.

We were fortunate to have a conversation with Alixandra Burrows, the Co-Founder and CEO of LitJoyCrate immediately following the event. Here's a summary of her remarks.

Alixandra Burrows (LitJoyCrate), Christine Wzorek (WLA) & Kelly Dearth (LitJoyCrate)

"My business partner Kelly and I attended the first Women's Professional Network event. It was a great opportunity to connect, and we were genuinely excited about it. As our initial experience with this network, we're thrilled to come back."
"We believe it's really important for women in business to support each other, network, and connect. It was enjoyable to listen to Christine talk about Shauna Smith and to become acquainted with this network and the group of women we will continue to meet with. They can expand their careers, and we can expand ours."
"One thing that we were particularly excited about from this event is that we've already met four people who can be sponsors and expanders for us, both for our company and in our careers. We eagerly look forward to meeting more women who can help us grow." Alixandra Burrows, Co-Founder, and CEO of LitJoyCrate

The positive energy and attendance exceeded expectations, with participants forming new relationships, transacting business, and engaging in cross-generational mentoring. Christine Wzorek, the WPN Chair, emphasized the success of the event in terms of connection, networking, energy, and attendance.

The success of the event wouldn't have been possible without the dedicated efforts of the committee members, including Matt Dent, Kevin Hyer, Meaghan Miller Gitin, Carol Lens, Alisha Knapp, Madi Lang, Jenny Bangerter, and Elle Stallings.

WPN guests enjoyed lunch from the Crack Shack provided by Savory Restaurant Fund.


What's Next for ACG Utah's WPN:

The Women's Professional Network invites professionals to join as a standalone network and is already planning a dynamic 2024 Events calendar, with subscribers receiving monthly newsletters to stay updated on networking opportunities and community events.

To stay connected and informed, follow ACG Utah's WPN on LinkedIn for updates on upcoming events, breakfasts, and other news within the ACG Utah community.

Companies and Organizations interested in becoming a sponsor of WPN are invited to connect with Carol Lens, Strategic Partnerships Committee Member.

The Women's Professional Network is committed to building a supportive community that empowers women in Utah's business landscape.

We hope to see you all in 2024!

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