FOUNDATIONAL | Starting at $2k

For the entrepreneur, CEO or Executive Team seeking to understand why HR is a skilled profession ripe with latent potential and more than just trivial, transactional work. Let's get strategic in designing your recruiting efforts, job descriptions & offer letters by linking  longterm employee engagement/performance.

STRUCTURAL | Starting at $4k

For the entrepreneur who's been around the block, CEO or Executive Team that is sprinting to scale operations. There's a magic method to the madness of people-operations scaling; let's take it up a notch and beat your competition through HCM software selection/architecting, benefit strategy, training and development for leaders, preparing for organizational growth, and Hi-Po/succession planning.

COMPREHENSIVE | Starting at $8k

For the entrepreneur with eyes on the future, CEO or Executive Team who is ready to play in the big league's. We're going to help you stand out exceptionally well. Let's go next-level by identifying latent potential nested in: compensation and benefit planning, linking pay to profitability, org. chart efficiency design, employee wellbeing (Emotional/Financial/Physical) AI considerations and more.

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