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Christine Wzorek, CEO

As an influencer and thought-leader, Christine is encouraging a proactive pursuit of partnerships with academia, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and private-equity firms by establishing an active presence. Together, a framework can be created that provides cultures and work experiences leaving every employee pleased, fulfilled and safe.


The solutions businesses are searching for within culture strengthening, employee-experience enhancements and productivity increases are rooted in true, cohesive partnerships with CEOs, CFOs and COOs to incorporate Human Capital programs and systems in the business development phase and not after. Human Capital has immense value and most organizations are letting it sit as latent potential. 


Revenue, earnings and sustained growth are realized via the people in our organizations producing the deliverables. They truly are assets and need to be recognized as such during business development, asset growth and planning phases. The time is over when we leave people and our Human Capital activities as an afterthought once sales, marketing, operations and fulfillment are executed. A concurrent integration and assimilation will return higher profits, better sustainable growth, and expanded market share.


Christine is excited to continue sharing little known insights about our Health-Care System. By understanding hidden costs and unique solutions, we can offer our employees true quality care and manage our long-term costs on the P&L. 

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